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We are a company whose objective is to professionalize the pharmacy group, searching for common objectives, working on making the pharmacy obtains maximum profitability, reducing stock, and optimizing purchases in terms of obtaining the best market price.

There are similar figures to our business proposal, but at 3L DISMAFAR we have the necessary administrative authorizations from the Ministry of Health where they allow us to carry out the activity with a full guarantee and a warehouse approved with Good Distribution Practices (BPD).


The current panorama at the pharmacy office level has meant that small and medium pharmacy offices have reduced their profitability, at the cost of the loss in the margin of the different parapharmacy products and medicines. The margin that is obtained is directly related to the scaling of the volume of purchases of each drugstore, that is why the drugstores with the highest sales, having a greater volume, get the highest discounts, obtaining higher margins on medicines and being more competitive in the part of Parapharmacy. For this reason, we have developed a purchase management program at 3L DISMAFAR with the hope that all our pharmacists can benefit from purchases at the highest possible discount.


Drugstores belonging to the purchasing group will be able to benefit from the discounts obtained by the management of 3L Dismafar and shop more efficiently. They will see their costs reduced, as well as an increase in their profitability. Submerged in a changing environment, where pharmacies have lost a lot of competitive level, with increasingly smaller margins, 3L DISMAFAR intends to recover profitable positions from the union of the associates.

3L DISMAFAR wants to work from transparency and cooperation so that all drugstores belonging to the group can gain competitiveness.

From 3L Dismafar we indicate that managing purchases efficiently increases the profitability of the pharmacy office with the sale.

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